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Parents, be mindful of your youth going online and writing reviews of competitive teams that are competing against your child’s team.  We encourage real reviews written by real parents and reviewers that have had some type of interaction with the team, school or rec club that they are writing a review for.

Be Honest

Be Honest about the review.  A review is a description, opinion, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality and experience of the parent.

Be Fair

Remember that the reviews your write can have a significant impact on the teams as well as how other parents will review this team.  Be considerate of the review you are writing in such that if this was your team, what you would want someone to write about your team.

Profanity will not be tolerated

If a review has profanity or inconsiderate language about a team, it will be removed from the teams review page.


YSR allows parents to write honest opinions and share their views with other parents.  Each review should be written in order to better the team.  When writing a review, say what the team can do become better, more organized, structured and improve in coaching.  Commissioners, coaches and league officials are asked to share their team listings with other parents so that positive reviews can be written about them.  We encourage positive reviews being written because it gives credibility to the teams accredited by youth sports review.

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