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PROTECT OUR CHILDREN – Let YSR Train Your Coaches and Staff on Youth Protection

Youth Sports Review offers staff members and volunteers that work around youth and children a Youth Protection Policy training to ensure that all adults working around youth follow specific protocols to protect and not exploit our young people.

The training cost is $15 per person and is valid for 1 year.

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Youth protection policy training relies on five key areas. Five core strategies are as follows:

  • Policy. This includes a general outline of philosophies, both written and communicated, and reviewed and updated; practices developed by leadership;
  • Selection. Who do we want? This includes position descriptions that list qualifications and are consistent with policy a code of conduct; screening, from application through background checks, employment verification, interviews and references;
  • Training. This means: Who: Staff, youth, stakeholders and the community and supervisors; What: Policies and procedures, definition and recognition of abuse, protection strategies and responding and reporting; Trends: Annual, online, group work, employees, volunteers and contractors, mixed groups, bullying prevention
  • Supervision. This includes: What: Standards of conduct, facility design and access, reinforcing behaviors, techniques for implementing policy; Who: Supervising the supervisor, management’s role; and, Trends: Facility access and security, cameras, identification, playgrounds, supervisor training
  • Communication. This is: Who: Youth, staff (employed and volunteer), families, board stakeholders and community; and, How: Creating lines of communication, layers, feedback systems, reporting, online and social media.


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