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Ideally your child plays for a coach who is an excellent instructor—one who recognizes teaching opportunities and communicates lessons in a positive, uplifting manner. But in addition to a good coach, participating in a youth sports program or league that fits your child’s needs is essential to fully develop his or her skills and enjoyment of the sports experience. Choose the wrong program and you risk damaging your child’s desire to play sports.

Just as a coach should find a team role in which a young player can succeed, you must locate the youth sports program that best suits your child’s age, interests, and level of play. Only by providing your child with a progression of playing opportunities that match these factors, will you provide him or her with the best sports experience.

Youth sports have changed tremendously in the last twenty years. Many young athletes now hone their skills through by playing or participating in sports for the local school, club or recreational center. Many parents and grandparents who have shared this experience with their children or grandchildren see it as a unique opportunity to build skills, character and family ties.

The purpose of organized sports should be for kids to make friends, learn and — most importantly — have fun.  As your child ages and his or her skills develop, you may see your child excel in one or more sports. You will then face the decision of placing your child in a more advanced, competitive league. Possibly your child will have the chance to play with older children.  An opportunity for your child to begin specializing in a sport may also appear. In these decisions, carefully weigh the pros and cons and that what Youth Sports Review is for.

Youth Sports Review will help you in your selection of which team to join by providing information about that organization.  We understand the importance of youth sports, especially for the youngest children playing organized sports for the first time (ages five through eight).  The emphasis is primarily on fun and basic skill instruction. Fun at this level is running around with a minimum of structure and rules. Within a couple of years, your child can more fully participate in the adult version of the game and begin to learn additional individual skills and team concepts. Competition is also introduced at this level.

When choosing a team, choose youth organizations that are are developmental in nature and participation-based which is essential to children in both of these age groups. You should make sure that your child’s youth sports leagues emphasize these principles as well.

Because most teams list thier website or phone number, joining a team is as simple as:

Step 1 – searching for the team in YSR.

Step 2 – go to that teams website and follow their sign up processes or contact that team by phone.

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