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Youth Sports Review is a full fledged Accreditation Corporation that provides mom and dad’s with an easier way to review the teams, schools, camps, summer camps, youth sports organizations and recreational clubs that their youth join and/or would like to join.

Parents want to feel comfortable knowing that they have all the facts about the organization that they are allowing their children to participate with.

How Does Youth Sports Review Works?

YSR is the number 1 source for both Parents and Teams:


howitParents have the option of searching for teams,writing reviews, read reviews written by other parents, create groups, network with other parents and connect with Coaches, players and other parents on your child’s team(s).

A grade is assigned to each team based the data each organization has provided through the accreditation process.

A letter grade between A-F (“A” being the highest and “F” representing the lowest) is an  important part to the Organization’s validity and quality of services/products provided.

YSR will assign letter grades that represent the YSR’s “unbiased” review of the school, club, team, company, etc.

The YSR grade is assigned based on how each team answers the accreditation questions and ratings received from the public.

The YSR Grading Process represents best practices and standards conducted by schools and other youth organizations based on the principles that enhance parental trust, confidence, strive for academic excellence, mentoring, nutritional intake and youth protection.

Youth sports teams and organizations that meet these standards and complete the application procedures will be accredited by YSR.  Parents receive a comfort that they can review each youth organization, see what parents and players have said about them and make a solid decision on which organization they would like their child to participate on.

Coaches, Commissioners, Schools, League Officials, Independent Clubs and Teams and Recreational Centers

Create a Free Account – Once your account is created, create a listing for your team.  Creating a listing of quick and easy.  Once your listing is created, take the Accreditation Questionnaire.  Once your accreditation process is complete, YSR will assign a letter grade to your organization.

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