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Frequently Ask Questions


What is Youth Sport Review?

Youth Sports Review is an accreditation company designed to certify independent youth sports teams, schools, camps, local government recreational clubs and other youth sports teams as legitimate, honest and trustworthy, with strong youth protection policies and ethical practices that safeguard against the exploitation of youth.  Youth Sports Review or YSR is also a place where parents can come to network with other parents, coaches and officials and write reviews about their favorite teams.  Read more in About us…

What does my Grade mean?

Grades are given based on high standards of trust, ethics, integrity and solid youth protection policies.  Each Business must:

  • Establish and maintain a positive track record. This is based on reviews written by real parents and ethical standard within the organizations youth oriented protection policies.
  • Adhere to established reasonable cost for youth programs and not always used for profit.
  • Adequate training procedures.
  • Honestly represent services.  It’s not always about winning.
  • Address parental and policy issues and disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
  • Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of parents regarding the use of their information and well as uphold protection of youth from exploitation and protection against negligent athletic injuries.
  • Approach all business dealings, transactions and commitments with integrity.

See More by going to “Grading Overview”

What if I see my team but didn’t create the listing?

If you see your school, team or club already listed on YSR with or without reviews, you can claim this listing as an administrator or coach.  A default grade was assigned based on a web overview of your company, school or organization.  In order to claim your listing, you must be an administrator of this organization and authorized by the organization to claim the listing.  You must also pay any listing fees.

How can I improve my Grade?

Grades can be improved through compliance with YSR accreditation process and YSR Best Practices for Youth Sports.  Completion of the accreditation question and 3 star or better reviews written by real parents warrants increase in letter Grades.

How much does it cost and why does it cost?

Listings cost $4 per month or $48 per year, per sports category.  For example, if you organization has a football team, you can list that football team.  The reason for a cost is to ensure that we receive serious and legitimate teams and youth sports organizations that want to ensure their organization is being upheld to best practices for youth sports.

How can I use YSR to reach out to my parents and players?

Youth Sports review is also a social network system and our unique fellowship software allows coaches, teachers, administrators, commissioners, referees and parents to network with each other and keep in touch with each other by sharing photos, links, videos and a wide range of features that benefit both parent and team.

How many listing can I create?

You can create as many listings as you like.  You can only create a listing for 1 sport at a time.

What if my organization has multiple sports?

Many organizations have multiple sports such as lacrosse, soccer and baseball and in some cases, the same coaches, teach each sport.  However, because they are different sports, we can only allow 1 listing per sport.  For example, a lacrosse team may have a different set of policies as it relates to treating injuries that would be different than what the baseball team would do.

How can I promote through YSR?

YSR offers several ways to promote through the site.  The most popular and FREE way to promote through our site is you use our social network features and invite parents and friends to join your groups, come to your events and write positive reviews about your organization.  Other ways to promote on YSR is to advertise directly on the site.  You can do this by contacting our advertising department.  Click Here to contact us.

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