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The accreditation process is built on trust, ethics and integrity.  In order for your team to increase their grade level, the accreditation questionnaire must be completed in full.   Youth Sports Teams, Schools, Recreational Clubs, and Programs must build trust with the community and the parents they serve and maintain a positive track record.   Youth Sports Teams must make a good faith effort to resolve disputes, have a valid youth protection policy, ensuring academic standards are upheld and provide proper nutritional information to youth and parents.

These qualities also represents standards for accreditation by YSR. Teams that meet these standards and complete application procedures will be accredited by YSR. The Accreditation Process is based on several principles, best business practices, trust and embodies integrity:

Non-Profit or For Profit Entity

Many youth sports organizations claim they are non-profit.  They may be listed as a non-profit in the State in which they operate.  However, they may not have been given a non-profit status established by the IRS.  This is important for tax exempt purposes.  Some organizations that provide youth sports programs are for profit.  Whether the business is for profit or non-profit, maintaining a valid status with IRS demonstrates some credibility.


When youth maintain balance with sports with school work, this builds upon youth leadership skills and demonstrates a quality in the organization that allows that organization to grow and become stronger.


In many instanced, coaches are also mentoring.  Many youth programs teach life skills and mentor to both young men and women.  Mentoring is an important at its most basic level, mentoring helps because it guarantees a young person that there is someone who cares about them.  A child should not be alone when dealing with day-to-day challenges.


Whether the organization offers only one sport or multiple sports, camps, etc., the diverse level of sports that each organization offers is important to any parent.  Being able to build a relationship with one organization instead of many different ones for different sports is always a positive and appealing dynamic to many parents.


The most expensive programs don’t always mean quality and the free ones don’t always mean “free”.  Affordability is what most parents are looking for.  Cost can vary depending on location and cost of living in the community in which the sport is being held.

Youth Protection

Youth protection policies are the most important aspect of any youth organization.  What does your organization do to protect the youth against exploitation, scandal, child abuse, sexual abuse and even bullying?

Social Responsibility

Ethics and Integrity are important.  And along with this, comes giving back.  Many organizations are community based and offer youth sports programs to the community as a form of giving back.  In some cases, having external social responsibility programs and initiatives bring a different type of quality to your organization.

Staff Experience

Are background checks being conducted on your staff members?  Adhering to polices that protect youth against staff that have adverse intentions is critical.  Knowing that your staff members can be trusted in both the short and long term is very important.

YSR Accredited Organizations and Team agree to adhere to the above list of qualities, ethics, integrity and social responsibility.  These standards are YSR’s Youth Sports Organization/Teams Best Business Practices and Standards.

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