Youth Sports Review

Youth Sports Review is an accreditation company designed to certify independent youth sports teams, schools, camps, local government recreational clubs and other youth sports teams as legitimate, honest and trustworthy, with strong youth protection policies and ethical practices that safeguard against the exploitation of youth.  Youth Sports Review or YSR is also a place where parents can come to network with other parents, coaches and officials and write reviews about their favorite teams.

Youth Sports Review (YSR) is the place Mom’s and Dad’s (and Guardians) come to verify the quality of youth sports programs, verify quality of youth team sports business practices and find more information about the youth teams they are about to have their children join.

Our mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical relationship between team sports at all levels and the all the stakeholders involved through voluntary parental-regulation, youth protection education, social responsibility, academic excellence and mentoring.

YSR Members (Teams) are “accredited” businesses and youth sports programs that meet tough accreditation standards, agree to follow the highest principles of business ethics, voluntary self-regulation, and youth protection and have accepted an invitation from us to join and be graded on several ranking factors.

YSR provides a quality assurance process under which youth sports programs and teams are evaluated to determine if applicable standards are met and to provide insightful information to parents and guardians when making a decision of what youth programs to have their children participate in.  If standards are met, accredited status is granted and ranking factors are graded by the YSR.

We hold Youth Organizations to high standards of trust, ethics, integrity and solid youth protection policies.  Each Business must:

  • Establish and maintain a positive track record. This is based on reviews written by real parents and ethical standard within the organizations youth oriented protection policies.
  • Adhere to established reasonable cost for youth programs and not always used for profit.
  • Adequate training procedures.
  • Honestly represent services.  It’s not always about winning.
  • Address parental and policy issues and disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
  • Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of parents regarding the use of their information and well as uphold protection of youth from exploitation and protection against negligent athletic injuries.
  • Approach all business dealings, transactions and commitments with integrity.

YSR accomplishes this mission by:

  • Creating a community of trustworthy youth sports organizations
  • Setting standards for trust and youth protection
  • Encouraging and supporting best practices
  • Celebrating parental, coach and teacher role models, and;
  • Denouncing substandard behaviors, abuse and exploitation of children

We exist so that parents and organizations have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of integrity and youth protection, structure and social responsibility.  We provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible.  YSR Accreditation is an honor – and not every company is eligible. Youth sports organizations that meet our high standards are invited to join us by signing up and creating listings so that parents can write real reviews about them.  All YSR accredited organizations have agreed to live up to the YSR Standards for Youth Protection. Our Standards are a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices focused on how youth should be protected and how parents should be treated fairly and honestly in all circumstances.

YSR does not compare businesses against each other, but rather evaluates businesses against our standards and our standards clearly speak to the character and competence of an organization.  YSR is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on youth sports organizations.

If you or your organization has youth sports programs, join us today!

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